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Influencer 25 is a D.I.Y. documentary project, featuring 25 episodes of speakeasy from 25 ordinary people who strive to live up with their beliefs.  From art director to coffee maker, cartoonist, indie music makershakers, or animal right activist, et la,  interesteing stories are all around us and waiting for us to discover.

With the convenient technology of camera and desktop editing equipment, everyone can be a TV producer, to find the interesting story surrounded by and make it like a pro. Everyone can surely do it all with your idea. Creative direction is all your call cause media platform is now wide open for anyone of us.


Influencer 25 是一個以訪問型式的紀錄系列,紀錄身邊一些人丶一些事,靈感來自生活,生活追求創造,廿五位平凡的人,有着自己的理想和信念,走出一點個人的生活色彩,一粒沙也可以影響一世界

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